Joachim Brohm, Areal

For more than eleven years, Joachim Brohm has been tak­ing pho­tographs of Mu­nich. In the six­ties, one par­tic­u­lar ur­ban space, on the out­skirts of a ma­jor Ger­man city was de­fined by in­dus­trial and com­mer­cial ser­vices, petrol sta­tions, build­ing stor­age sites and garages, which up to the pre­sent day have been slowly de­vel­op­ing into a res­i­den­tial area. The size and for­mat is al­ways iden­ti­cal; land­scape pho­tographs are ro­tated. Graph­ics and type have an archive char­ac­ter. The text sec­tion is in­ten­tion­ally printed in the mid­dle of the book, prompt­ing the viewer to be­come ab­sorbed in the im­age world, and to oc­cupy him­self more deeply with the stud­ies.

Joachim Brohm, Areal

Book De­sign


Steidl Ver­lag

Göt­tin­gen 2002


Joseph Binder Award 2004

As if “stored” in an archive box, landscape and portrait formats are rotated 90º as necessary.

The Table of Content is a thumbnail page and contains all picture numbers.