Galerie Aedes Berlin
The Solar Updraft Tower, Exhibition Design

The So­lar Up­draft Tower, de­vel­oped by the in­ter­na­tional civic en­gi­neer­ing firm schlaich berg­er­mann and part­ners, is a so­lar chim­ney power plant for sun-rich re­gions of the earth, that uses prac­ti­cally no re­new­able re­sources such as oil, gas, or coal. In the Ga­lerie Aedes Berlin, in the small­est of spaces, the ap­pear­ance and tech­nol­ogy of this power plant are demon­strated: in the mid­dle of a room cov­ered in sand, with the help of a model and a ter­mi­nal, which ex­plain the func­tion­ing of the power plant. Moni­teurs, in close co­op­er­a­tion with the client, de­vel­oped a CD pre­sen­ta­tion us­ing a self-ex­plana­tory flash an­i­mated in­ter­face and a clear nav­i­ga­tional struc­ture.

The So­lar Up­draft Tower

Ex­hi­bi­tion De­sign

Berlin 2006, Ga­lerie Aedes


schlaich berg­er­mann and part­ners
since 1994

A model with a 5m di­am­e­ter il­lus­trates the prin­ci­ple of the So­lar Up­draft Tower.