Philharmonischer Chor Berlin
Corporate Design

The Berlin Phil­har­monic Choir is one of the most renowned or­a­to­rio choirs in Ger­many. Af­ter 125 years steeped in tra­di­tion, the choir, founded in 1882, has rein­vented it­self with a new face. Since the 2007/​2008 sea­son, Moni­teurs has in­di­vid­u­ally de­signed the ad­ver­tis­ing for each con­cert se­ries for the Berlin Phil­har­monic. The ty­pog­ra­phy and colours vi­su­ally rep­re­sent the “voices” of the choir pieces, vi­su­al­iz­ing the sound. The har­monic texts are at the cen­ter of the de­sign con­cept.

Phil­har­monis­che Chor Berlin

Cor­po­rate De­sign

An­niver­sary book with CD


Phil­har­monis­cher Chor Berlin e.V.
since 2007
Re­launch Cor­po­rate De­sign and Web­site 2017/​18


iF com­mu­ni­ca­tion de­sign award 2008
Cor­po­rate De­sign Preis 2008, gold
De­sign­preis der Bun­desre­pub­lik Deutsch­land 2010

The typography for a concert is individual. Over time, a series of posters with different voices emerges.

A book was published to celebrate the 125th anniversary. The accompanying CD contains recordings from 80 years of choral history.