Orange Ocean

Or­ange Ocean wants to raise con­sumer aware­ness of this topic - to make a dif­fer­ence glob­ally. A web­site is the best for­mat to spread mes­sages and thus de­velop a strong in­for­ma­tive and emo­tional im­pact. In­formed con­sumers make the right de­ci­sions and thus bring about changes in the econ­omy and pol­i­tics.

Moni­teurs de­vel­oped the cor­po­rate de­sign and the on­line pres­ence of Or­ange Ocean.

Or­ange Ocean

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Or­ange Ocean e.V.

For the launch of the initiative Orange Ocean initially a version for mobile devices, which is growing successively. The website is built with a Wordpress theme that is constantly expanding with editorial content and new areas.

To ex­plain dif­fer­ent sec­tions on the web­site a fam­ily of pic­tograms has been de­vel­oped.

Animated user interface elements harmonize with the typeface and strengthen the identity of the Orange Ocean brand.