Meeting Indicator

Moni­teurs has grown in re­cent years. More pro­jects, more teams means more meet­ings. With the re­struc­tur­ing of the of­fice spread over two floors, it be­came clear that the meet­ing rooms and their oc­cu­pancy must be bet­ter com­mu­ni­cated for every­one. A team from Moni­teurs de­vel­oped an ob­ject that en­ables bet­ter com­mu­ni­ca­tion be­tween the work­space on the up­per floor and the con­fer­ence room in the base­ment. It was to be com­bined anal­o­gously with dig­i­tal and im­ple­mented in 3D print­ing.

Meet­ing In­di­ca­tor

Pro­to­typ­ing and Prod­uct De­sign

Berlin 2019



Con­fer­ence room and work­sta­tions are on two dif­fer­ent floors. Em­ploy­ees on level 2 do not know if the meet­ing room is free. Also an em­ployee for­gets a meet­ing and meet­ings are de­layed.

Skeuomorphism, a style in which objects imitate the material or shape of other objects, forms the design framework around the concept for the meeting indicator.

The concept idea is a miniature replica of our conference room on whose table a job object can be placed. This object is equipped with an NFC tag (Near Field Communication). An NFC reader installed in the table is connected to a micro controller and sends a message to the slack channel of the corresponding job as soon as the job object is placed on the table.

Our pro­ject team used a wide va­ri­ety of ma­te­ri­als and tools to ap­proach the form find­ing process.

With TinkerCAD, the job objects for seven different projects were designed with the most frequent meetings and their abbreviations.

The room model remains made of cardboard, the circuits have been installed in the base. The "table" was printed from translucent material, LED light was integrated and makes the table shine when the job object is hung up.