Kunsthalle Mannheim
Visitor guidance system

Mannheim has a new art hall. With the new build­ing, gmp Ar­chitek­ten re­al­ized the ar­chi­tec­tural idea of the "city in the city". In anal­ogy to the space-form­ing el­e­ments of the city - house and block, street and square - var­ied tours through closed and open spaces with chang­ing views and views are cre­ated for the vis­i­tors. Moni­teurs was com­mis­sioned for the ana­log and dig­i­tal vis­i­tor guid­ance sys­tem and for the ini­tial graphic equip­ment of the ex­hi­bi­tions in co­op­er­a­tion with Axel Ku­fus / OH Stu­dio, re­spon­si­ble for in­te­rior de­sign. In terms of de­sign, the con­trol sys­tem fits into the ar­chi­tec­ture of the Kun­sthalle, thereby sig­nif­i­cantly sup­port­ing the iden­tity of the build­ing and car­ry­ing it nat­u­rally into the last cor­ner of the build­ing.

Kun­sthalle Mannheim

Vis­i­tor guid­ance sys­tem

Mannheim 2017/​18


Stiftung Kun­sthalle Mannheim


17.366 m²


Ste­fan Schilling

Based on the architecture, we have developed the decisive design features, big but not too big, easy to read, directly on the wall, not on a support, framed - pure, clear, direct. The architectural grid is adapted to a unit suitable for the control system and serves as the basis for arrangement and order. This imaginary grid gives graphic information to the information. It can also be found on the facade in the mesh again. The mesh that characterizes the entire building is the first one the visitor sees from the museum. We take the mesh into the museum.

Levels are indicated in numbers for international clarity.

Direction and destination markings applied directly to the wall with paint stand in deliberate contrast to the framed art. The wayfinding system becomes one with the architecture and interior design.

Moniteurs designed the digital interfaces that show museum visitors the level overview, current exhibitions, their location and current events. Alternating in german and english.

The monospaced font used for the signage system, with uniform letter, character takes up the imaginary grid of the architecture. It is therefore very suitable for this orientation system. Furthermore, it is very easy to read.

The arrow derived from the logo is groundbreaking.

The pictograms designed for the Kunsthalle take on the character of the writing of the guidance system.