Rehazentrum Bad Pyrmont
Building Orientation System

Good ori­en­ta­tion is im­por­tant in a clinic, so that pa­tients and guests can feel safe and se­cure. How­ever, clin­ics of­ten, over many years, ac­cu­mu­late into an en­sem­ble of build­ings, and nav­i­gat­ing through them is not easy. At the re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion clinic of Bad Pyr­mont, the ori­en­ta­tion sys­tem needed to con­nect re­con­structed and newly de­vel­oped build­ing sec­tions through a uni­fied con­cept. Moni­teurs chose the theme of move­ment as a leit­mo­tif – a key el­e­ment of any re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion ther­apy. Pic­tograms and signs re­ceived rounded cor­ners and a dy­namic de­sign. Every part of the build­ing was as­signed a unique con­cept with an eas­ily recog­nis­able mo­tif. Thus, the ori­en­ta­tion sys­tem re­in­forces the new pos­i­tive sense of space and be­comes the link be­tween the old and new parts of the build­ing com­plex.

Bad Pyr­mont Clinic

Ori­en­ta­tion Sys­tem

Bad Pyr­mont 2008


Deutsche Renten­ver­sicherung Braun­schweig-Han­nover


mm ar­chitek­ten – mar­tin a. müller


Mar­cus Bredt

By slightly offsetting them, even the signs are in motion, showing different directions.

Associating parts of the buildings with terms such as “Sun House” and “Villa” evoke positive connotations. Each term has been translated into a pictogram and can be found on the map, on the signs and on the walls.