The Book-a-Slot book­ing ser­vice takes you quickly through the se­cu­rity check. To­gether with our part­ner iab­sis, a Swiss-based in­no­va­tion dri­ver, Moni­teurs de­vel­oped a new prod­uct for air­ports. The con­cept and idea for this ser­vice were de­vel­oped dur­ing a hackathon at which the team won the first prize in the “Life be­fore the Air­port” chal­lenge.

The ser­vice had its first test run from 12th No­vem­ber till 20th De­cem­ber and was avail­able for 1500 flights in Eu­rope.


Dig­i­tal Book­ing Ser­vice


Air­port Frank­furt



Pas­sen­gers booked their slots in a web­app de­signed af­ter the corpo­rate iden­tity of Frank­furt Air­port.

In close co­op­er­a­tion with a pro­ject team at Frank­furt Air­port, the ver­sion 1.0 of Book-a-Slot is now ready for test­ing. For a cer­tain se­lec­tion of flights, the web­site of­fers the book­ing of a times­lot at the se­cu­rity con­trol.

Minimising waiting times is a major goal for everyone involved – the passengers, the airport and the airlines.