Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung
Building Orientation System

The new head­quar­ter of the DGUV (Ger­man So­cial Ac­ci­dent In­sur­ance) de­signed by Grün­tuch & Ernst ar­chi­tects, lo­cated in the cen­ter of Berlin. Moni­teurs de­signed the build­ing ori­en­ta­tion sig­nage for its con­fer­ence rooms, re­cep­tion area, of­fice spaces and the un­der­ground carpark. Moni­teurs re­alised the en­tire sig­nage in glass. Es­pe­cially de­vel­oped for the DGUV, highly re­lated to the cor­po­rate iden­tity.


Build­ing sig­nage

Berlin 2014


Deutsche Geset­zliche Un­fal­lver­sicherung e.V.


Grün­tuch Ernst Ar­chitek­ten BDA


10.600 sqm


Ste­fan Schilling


II­IDAward 2015 Health­care Bronze

The holding gesture of the logo sensitive transferred to the concept for the signage. Roundshaped, highquality glass with a blue edge transform the logo into the space. General maps, direction signs, doorplates, Pictograms are individual developed for the DGUV. The signage system, with the focus on barrierfree design, structures the 10,000 sqm multileveled building, certifed with gold by the German Sustainable Building Council.