Aufbau Haus
Orientation System

Two large com­pa­nies have their head­quar­ters at Auf­bau Haus: the Auf­bau Ver­lag Pub­lish­ing House and Mod­u­lor, a ma­te­ri­als provider which, as Planet Mod­u­lor, pro­vides ad­di­tional ser­vices to the cre­ative and craft in­dus­tries in the build­ing. The ar­eas of ac­tiv­ity of the two main ten­ants – writ­ing and ma­te­ri­als – pro­vided the start­ing points for the de­sign of the ori­en­ta­tion sys­tem. Moni­teurs’ idea was that the ar­ti­sans of Planet Mod­u­lor should be in­volved in the cre­ation process.

Auf­bau Haus

Ori­en­ta­tion Sys­tem
Fa­cade and in­te­rior

Berlin 2011


Moritz­platz 1 En­twick­lungs­ge­sellschaft mbH


Clarke und Kuhn freie Ar­chitek­ten BDA


17,500 m2


Eu­ro­pean De­sign Awards 2012
red dot award 2012: com­mu­ni­ca­tion de­sign
Bun­des­de­sign­preis 2012, nom­i­nated

A legend and a floor plan enable visitors to find the many different tenants in the building complex.

The concept of “materialised writing” presents itself in the form of milled lines on laminated plates. The individual lines are easily replaceable and can be exchanged whenever the tenants change. They can be combined with graceful three-dimensional signs on the wall. Thus, despite the variety of tenants, the design carries an overriding appearance that gives the building its own identity.

The minimalist black and white contrast is created with a white coating on black material, with the uppermost layer (here underlined) partially milled.

The three-dimensional appearance of the text on the walls and glass typographically projects the shadow-effect of milled signs.

The facade was also included in the design of the orientation system. The two main tenants are equally represented on the facade with large-scale, three-dimensional text.