Ärzte ohne Grenzen

“Médecins sans Fron­tières is help­ing to pro­vide med­ical as­sis­tance to peo­ple in need and ease their suf­fer­ing, when through nat­ural cat­a­stro­phes or through man-made crises the lo­cal health struc­tures can­not cope.” This is how Médecins sans Fron­tières de­fines its area of re­spon­si­bil­ity. All aid pro­jects are fi­nanced ex­clu­sively through do­na­tions. The AKUT mag­a­zine ex­ists to in­form donors of what hap­pens with their money. Since it is pub­lished every three months, it is a cur­rent, im­por­tant com­mu­ni­ca­tion medium, ef­fi­ciently pro­duced and dis­trib­uted via mail. Pho­tos of­fer an emo­tional in­tro­duc­tion to the re­ports that are pre­pared in a man­age­able and in­for­ma­tive way. The de­sign is based on clear prin­ci­ples.

Médecins sans Fron­tières

Do­na­tion Mag­a­zine



Médecins sans Fron­tières, Ger­many
since 2000


Cor­po­rate De­sign Award 2008